Life can be unpredictable. With the Hoyer Advance-E 340, transfers never have to be.

This all-purpose lift is built for any transfer situation in everyday life. Quickly lift a loved one from the floor, an armchair, or out of the passenger seat of a car.

Lift from as low as 15.3” to as high as 66.5” with complete stability. A padded, flexible sling arm with a unique 3-point style connection point accommodates any kind of sling.

There’s no piece of furniture too bulky or ill-fitting for the Advance-E 340 lift. The swan-neck style leg design can widen the legs at the touch of a button, giving close access around large armchairs and wheelchairs. A low 4.5” base fit under most furniture bases.

Industry-leading safety and convenience

Forget about manually operating a loud, clunky lift. The Advance-E 340 features a remote control push-button lift that operates almost silently. The rechargeable battery contains up to 60 lifts in a single, 8-hour charge. Always monitor your battery health through a digital charging window.

With a working load of 340 pounds, the lift helps patients feel safe and secure during transitions. Push-button functionality allows caregivers to make eye contact and give loved ones more attention during the transfer. And, for peace of mind, the lift includes an emergency stop button and two different mechanisms for emergency lowers.

Reduce Caregiver Strain

The Advance-E 340 is designed not only with the patient, but also caregivers in mind. No more risking injury or strain while manually lifting a patient: this powered lift operates at the press of a button. An oversized handle smoothly maneuvers the lift around the house without rough turns or risk of tipping over.

Its aluminum frame weighs only 70lbs and folds in half to provide easy storage in a closet or under a bed. Traveling? Quickly break down the Advance-E 40 into two lightweight pieces— no tools necessary.

There’s a reason that Hoyer is known as one of the very best in patient lifts. This lightweight, all purpose lift can reliably meet all of your transfer needs: comfortable for both caregivers and loved ones.

Product Highlights

  • No-tools folding design and easy to transport
  • Over-sized handle make it easier to maneuver
  • Stands unaided when being stored
  • Easy to use foot-pad to open/close base
  • Lightweight, aluminum construction
  • Intuitive Push Pad assists with initiating movement
  • Swan Neck style legs allow Advance to get closer to the resident


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